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If you’ve ever needed tech support for your Apple devices, then you’ve probably experienced long hold times, or have had to go through the ordeal of an in-person visit (Pack up your device, drive all the way to the location, drop off the device, drive back, and pray they don’t break anything, wait a week, etc.). Usually you have a quick question—wouldn’t it be great if you could get quick support? That’s where we come in. All you have to do is email or call us, and we’ll get started. Using a quick and secure program, we’ll connect to your computer and give things a look. We’ll be able to remotely access the computer, but don’t worry: you’ll still have full control over your device, and you can terminate the connection any time. Slow computers, hidden apps, odd files—they’re no match for SavvyTech!

Health Checkup

Malware on your device? Slow computer? We'll have that solved in no time.

Random Questions

Do you have a question about your Apple device that you need solving? You're at the right place.

The SavvyTech Promise

When you use SavvyTech, you can be confident that the service you get will suit your needs.

Why Choose SavvyTech?

Quality - While using SavvyTech, you can be sure that the quality of our work will always be top-notch. If the problem isn’t solved to your liking, then the job isn’t finished.

Speed - We value speed at SavvyTech. We’ll get your question solved quickly so you can continue using your devices—without sacrificing quality. Why wait on hold for three hours just to deal with crabby customer support? SavvyTech is always available.

Ease - Some companies want you to install complex software or even require in-person visits—just for a simple question! At SavvyTech, we use a simple and well known program that allows quick and efficient support. If you’re concerned in any way, you can always let us know.

Low Cost - Why spend two or even three times more to get your devices fixed? If you can’t afford to spend a fortune to have a problem solved, then contact SavvyTech to do the job for half the cost and twice the quality.



If you have a problem with your Mac, don't throw it out the window! Call SavvyTech– we can help!

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iPhones are great, but sometimes there's that one little problem that throws off the entire experience. Call us, and get back control of you iPhone.

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Other devices

We support lots of other Apple devices. Apple Watches, AirPods...the list is quite long.

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“My husband was experiencing numerous issues with his computer, but thankfully we had help from Samuel at SavvyTech. Samuel is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and supportive. He helped clean up and make our iMac computer run faster. He also reformatted the external hard drives to set a Time Machine back up. We're very happy with his support, and would highly recommend him. I’m glad we found a company that is reliable and honest!”

Satsified SavvyTech Customer

“Recently, I reached out to SavvyTech to help me transition from an Android phone to an iPhone 11 Pro Max. I was especially concerned about not losing any of my data, like my photos and messages. The assistant knew just how to assist me to smooth the transition to my new iPhone without losing any of my data. He did so in a kind and patient manner, making sure that I understood the entire process. I highly recommend SavvyTech to anyone needing help with an iPhone.”

Satsified SavvyTech Customer

“My technician was amazing! He not only guided me through the selection and purchasing process of a new Mac, but also took care of ensuring that all my data was successfully migrated from a 10 year old Mac to a beautiful brand new MacBook Air! I would highly recommend SavvyTech and will most certainly use him for all my future tech needs.”

Satisfied SavvyTech customer

“Recently I had a malware issue on my already “vintage” iMac which was causing it to function very slowly. My SavvyTech technician not only found and deleted the malware, but he also found other ways to optimize the performance of my dinosaur iMac. While he was working, he noticed an external drive on my desk and set it up with Time Machine so I don’t lose my valuable data in case of a crash. I’m very grateful I found this company and I highly recommend them.”

Satisfied SavvyTech customer

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